ADISL’s Image Apprentice – An Introduction

Image Apprentice

C++ based Digital Image Processing Learner’s Toolkit

This introduction to Image Apprentice is mainly meant for Faculty taking their courses in Digital Image Processing or for Engineering Students undergoing their first courses in Digital Image Processing. Trust, your ‘life runs on code’.

Consider a classroom scenario where the Faculty has to cover an Image Processing Textbook in a semester. How much practical do you think the course gets? Or do the practicals begin when the course is about to end?!

What if you get to code each algorithm taught the very day without worrying about how to decompress a jpeg file or how to display the image data, for that matter? What if you could share your work or critique that of other students in different colleges? And of what consequences could this, practical way of coding and learning, be to you in your job interviews? Especially, when you are doing it in the industry preferred language C++ for scientific imaging applications (for various reasons)? Read on..

We know that the best scientific algorithms are designed in the academic environment of the universities. Image Apprentice facilitates you by simplifying your learning curve. ADISL’s Image Apprentice is a Microsoft® Visual C++ based Image Processing Learner’s Toolkit. Students use it as a companion to their favorite Image Processing Textbook. It allows one to use self-written image processing algorithms as plug-in.It comes with a Plugin Development Kit (PDK) that has a skeleton code having a simple coding style. A student who has attended a basic 101-level course in C++ programming is well-equipped to write an Image Processing plug-in for Image Apprentice using Microsoft® Visual C++.

To add to that, it has an active Plugin Developer Network where students from different Engineering Institutes submit and share their image processing algorithms, all with full source code, getting the due credit.


Advanced Digital Imaging Solutions Laboratory | --- Advanced Digital Imaging Solutions Laboratory (ADISL) is a research and development focused Laboratory, which aims at bringing out state-of-the-art technology products with high market potential. Broadly speaking, the primary area of research of the organization is novel image processing techniques. Our vision is to share a symbiotic relationship with the pre-existing Medical/Scientific Imaging and Cinema/Entertainment Industry by providing them with novel image enhancement/quantitation applications.

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