Digital Image Processing – Programming Fundamentals

Prerequisites: A brief knowledge of C/C++ language(s).

This text describes the basic computer programming (C/C++) techniques required to begin practical implementations in Digital Image Processing. After reading the text, the reader would be in a position to understand and identify:

  • How uncompressed images are stored digitally
  • Typical data structures needed to handle digital image data
  • How to implement a generic image processing algorithm as function

Advanced Digital Imaging Solutions Laboratory | --- Advanced Digital Imaging Solutions Laboratory (ADISL) is a research and development focused Laboratory, which aims at bringing out state-of-the-art technology products with high market potential. Broadly speaking, the primary area of research of the organization is novel image processing techniques. Our vision is to share a symbiotic relationship with the pre-existing Medical/Scientific Imaging and Cinema/Entertainment Industry by providing them with novel image enhancement/quantitation applications.

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